U.S. LNG Around the World

U.S. LNG has been exported to over 25 countries and the list is growing. Follow along with our interactive map of U.S. LNG cargoes. By clicking on a country in green, you can find the date of the first export cargo, total volumes by year in Bcf, number of cargoes sent per year, which facility exported the gas, which vessel it was shipped on, and the date of every cargo sent out. This map is updated with data from DOE’s LNG Reports. Click the link above to learn more.

LNG as a flexible part of the nation’s electricity generation capabilities

LNG offers flexibility to the grid with LNG peak shaving units spread across the country. These units can help accommodate power needs affordably, reliably, and reduce pollution and emissions.

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Potential LNG Export Terminals

There are several proposed or potential LNG export terminals in the United States. The map linked below shows that the bulk of the terminals are along the Gulf Coast, with the exception of a handful of locations in both the North Pacific and South Atlantic regions. If these terminals were allowed to export some of our abundant natural gas, the United States would be able to reap the benefits of increased economic growth and the jobs that come along with it.