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VIDEO: Al Jazeera Arabic – First Trump Era Approval to Export Natural Gas


A new U.S. Department of Energy order that grants authorization to Golden Pass will enable the global energy company export more than 2.21 billion cubic feet of domestically produced liquefied natural gas to the global market.

The order allows Golden Pass to export liquefied natural gas by way of its production facility in the state of Texas to countries not bound to the United States by a free trade agreement.

CLNG Executive Director Charlie Riedl: “You’re talking about a surplus amount of gas in the United States. Because of market demand, the surplus has enabled US gas producers to continue their production and export of natural gas as a world commodity across energy markets at a low price. This has enabled US allies to diversify their energy resources.”

With the new project, the amount of liquefied natural gas on the market will increase global circulation to 19.2 billion cubic feet per day to countries that do not have a free trade agreement with Washington.

However, this increase in exports raises the concerns of some consumers within the natural gas sector.

According to the US Department of Energy, Golden Pass is owned as joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil. The company estimates that the cumulative effect of construction and its operations will provide up to $3.6 billion in tax revenues.

The US Department of Energy says that the United States is trying to gradually increase its strength and dominance in the global energy sector, despite the fact that liquefied natural gas exports have not increased in some markets, including European and Asian markets.

Fadi Mansour, Al Jazeera, Washington