Emerging Opportunities

LNG Storage

As global demand for natural gas, especially for power generation and petrochemical manufacturing, continues to grow in the coming decades, natural gas stored as LNG will play an increasingly important role in the safe and efficient storage of natural gas.  LNG can be easily and safely stored in urban and suburban environments because it takes up 1/600 less space than natural gas in its gaseous state. LNG is also particularly well suited to supply the variable demand for gas: LNG can be kept in storage facilities at times of low demand and quickly released back into the system at very short notice during periods of higher demand.

The physical and chemical properties of LNG also make it safer to store than many other fuels: “As a liquid, LNG will neither burn nor explode,” explained a report commissioned by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Small-scale LNG

Small-scale LNG offers an alternative source of power for remote regions in the world that are not connected to the main gas pipeline grid. The LNG, transported by trucks, LNG iso-containers, LNG railcars or small LNG carriers, could then be used for power generation, industrial use, or household gas grids. In these cases, using small-scale LNG may be more attractive economically than alternatives such as pipeline grid and large-scale LNG.